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$20 Free — NCAA March Madness Bracket Fee Recovery

Bracket busted? Hoops got you down? Yeah, me too. ūüôā

Maybe you can win back your office bracket entry fee at one of the two online casinos featured in this post.

  • Use bonus code COIN20 at either¬†Grand Eagle or Lucky Creek¬†for a free $20
  • Spin your way to $100 in winnings on any of their online slot machines

While they do not have a basketball-themed slot, try SHOCKWAVE — which is exactly what the¬†UMBC Retrievers sent through the tournament with their dominating performance over top-seeded Virgina Cavaliers, winning by 20 points.¬†They came into the game 20.5-point underdogs and viewed as hardly a threat to a team that went 31-2 during the season.

Shockwave Online Slot Machine Image

Captain Shockwave Video Slot offers maximum wins up to 30,000 coins across a staggering 50 paylines – with up to 20 free spins with 4 X multiplier adding some muscle to the player experience.

Also be on the lookout for Captain Shockwave’s “sonic boom” symbol as that is a wild symbol carrying a 2 X multiplier bonus, while free spins is activated by three or more “Sonar the Dog” symbols.

Terms and Conditions:
  • All offers are available in USD$, C$, Euro ‚ā¨, NOK, SEK, DKK.
  • Bitcoin is accepted as a deposit currency.
  • Minimum withdrawal of $100.
  • 40X wagering on all bonuses.
  • Maximum withdrawal of $100 on all Free Spin or Free Bonus offers.
  • A minimum $20 deposit is required to process a withdrawal.
  • Maximum withdrawal of $1000 on Match bonuses from 101% or greater
  • All offers are available for 1 claim per IP.



Payout Methods and Fees at Top US-Friendly Online Sportsbooks

So, you picked the Chicago Cubs to the MLB World Series?

Or maybe you’re rolling with an¬†Alabama Crimson Tide winning streak in NCAA football and want to take some of your winnings off the table?

Whatever the case, when you’ve finally made some profit at your online sportsbook, payout fees can cut into your winnings. You want to minimize the payout fees, and get your money as quickly as possible. For players in the United States, the two best options are Bitcoin and Checks.

Listed below are the top US-friendly online sportsbooks, along with the fees for using Bitcoin and Checks as a payout method.

Bovada : 50% Bonus on signup
Method Min Max / week Fee
Bitcoin 100 9500 FREE
Check 50 3000 FREE (1/month),
50 thereafter
Intertops : 20% Bonus on signup
Method Min MAX / WEEK Fee
Bitcoin 100 2500 FREE
Check 150 3000 50
BetOnline : 25% bonus on signup
Method Min MAX / WEEK Fee
Bitcoin 20 5000 2%
Check 500 2500 25/35/50,
Top Bet : 50% bonus on signup
Method Min MAX / WEEK Fee
Check 200 2500 40

Be aware that there are many Bitcoin wallets available, and there may be a charge of between 1% – 4% to transfer funds from Bitcoin to your linked checking account, Paypal account, or other linked account.


Get your March Madness On at Top Online Sportsbooks

It’s that time of year again when the United States goes absolutely ape shit for¬†March Madness. Play-in games, bracketology, the quest for the perfect bracket, Cinderellas, buzzer-beaters… what a great tournament this is every year, and it all kicks off today.

Top Online Sportsbooks for March Madness

It’s uncommon for teams other than #1 and #2 seeds in each region to make it deep into the tourney, so this year look for teams like Oklahoma, North Carolina, Michigan State, Xavier, Maryland, Virginia, Kansas and Kentucky to lead the charge into the Final Four and to the Championship.

I like to have a little wager (or ten) as the tournaments progress. There’s no question that the games are more exciting when you have a case (or truck) of beer on the line.

This year — why not take the plunge and give online sportsbetting a try? For as little as $100 a deposit that you can put on your credit card, you can get a taste of what’s it like to root for favorite teams to win you a nice dinner, or to find that one game when you just know that the low-ranked team is going to cover the spread against a powerhouse opponent. Once you make your deposit, you can bet as little as $10 or as much as your balance.

Of the 100s of online sportsbook where you could bet, I’ve found that there are only about 5 that are the best of the best. You can find my list as well as their current March Madness and other promotions at this link:

Top Online Sportsbooks for March Madness

Let me know how you do, and best of luck with your bracket!


Fantasy Sports Sites at The Online Casino Gambling Directory

Great news for all you fantasy sports fans!

Several sites have opened their doors in the past weeks that allow you to play fantasy sports against other players and win real cash. You can compete in daily, weekly, and longer tournaments in formats that range from heads-up to 1000s of entrants. And whether your sport is football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or golf, there is a fantasy sports tournament for you.

As of right now, there are three fantasy sports sites to choose from:

As more fantasy sports sites are added to the directory, you’ll find them on the Fantasy Sports sites page at The Online Casino Gambling Directory.


Selection Sunday – NCAA March Madness 2012 Begins

Top Rated Online Sportsbook

It’s Selection Sunday, and there are only four games remaining in the 2012 NCAA Basketball season. Who will be in, and who will be out of the 2012 men’s hoops tourney? We’ll find out later today, and then the bracketology begins!

Make this Selection Sunday YOUR Selection Sunday by finally making a selection of an online sportsbook. You’ll want to get your account funded as soon as possible, so you can put your money where your mouth is during 2012 March Madness.

Click here to be taken to my Top 5 online sportsbooks.

Top Rated Online Sportsbook




Bovada.lv Sports Welcomes US Players

Bovada.lv has opened its doors to US-based real-money players. In addition to a sportsbook, Bovada has an online casino, an online poker room, and an online racebook.

Note: Contrary to what you might think, .lv does not stand for Las Vegas — it stands for Latvia.

Bovada Sports

BOVADA embarks on its own road, armed with the experience and talent to quickly become the industry’s powerhouse brand and the most trusted and most fun place to bet on sports.

New Depositors benefit from a Free Sports Bet up to $100 Рwhile many lean on signup bonuses in trying to earn your business, BOVADA is focused on providing free wagers up to 20% of your deposit. That free bet can be up to a maximum of $100 and it can be used on any sports market or wager type in the sportsbook.

Props and underdog odds –¬†BOVADA has an unmatched variety of prop bets. You will find more betting options on Sports, Politics and entertainment than anywhere else.

Live betting Рmobile betting РBOVADA is available on the go. They Offer live- Betting and mobile betting options from a variety of portable devices. Join BOVADA and learn more today.

Easy-to-understand website -BOVADA offers betting on every major sport and carefully steers you where you need to go each day. Find your favorite team, or odds type in a snap, whether you are betting the late baseball game on the moneyline or the quarterback props on Monday Night Football.

Best customer service, best sports stats¬†– looking for trends, matchup details and game previews before going to the betting menu? BOVADA offers statistics on all major sports so you don’t need to venture far to do your research and handicapping. Need to contact customer service? You can always get a real, live, knowledgeable person who can help answer your questions. Customer Satisfaction is a top priority at BOVADA.

Your information is safe¬†– security, privacy and payouts are three of the most important aspects of playing online. BOVADA’s pledge is 100% safety and satisfaction in all three areas and has independent oversight to make sure you have the best betting experience in their sportsbook. So when it’s time to feel comfortable about playing online, BOVADA is synonymous with this trust.

(For those familiar with Bodog, Bovada is the US-facing rebranding of Bodog.)


Great Service Experience at Intertops

Intertops is a 5-star rated site at The Online Casino Gambling Directory. Yesterday, I had an experience which confirmed their best-of-the-best 5-star rating.

I’ve been a bit distracted with helping to take care of my mother as she recovers from successful hip replacement surgery. As a result, I only have a few minutes a day to place wagers on the sporting events that I am interested in. Yesterday, I saw a great over on Thursday’s Missouri v Memphis game, and liked it for 2.5 units; however, I inadvertently made the wager for 3 units.

This is no big deal, really — I placed an extra half wager than I intended. But, I thought that I would give Intertops a call and see if they could modify my wager.

I called Intertops on the phone and a customer service rep answered almost immediately. I explained that I wanted to reduce my wager on the Missouri v Memphis game. She explained that it is the policy of Intertops to not modify a wager once it is placed. I understood and expected this response — confirming an online wager is equivalent to walking away from a betting window at the track or a book; all bets are now final.

However, she went on to say that she would check to see if an exception could be made. After a 2 minute hold, she came back on the line and said that they had made an exception and cancelled the wager.

Wow. I was surprised, but I guess not too much. Intertops has long been a 5-star site, and I suppose the fact that I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years and had never made such a request may have been a factor in their granting the exception…. but still, they took care of my exceptional request, and I wanted to let everyone know about it.

Now, I’m not saying to get into the habit of placing and then trying to cancel bets, nor am I saying that Intertops will always honor a bet cancellation request. I’m just saying that with Intertops, if you do make a mistake and want to cancel a wager, they’ll at least consider your request.

Oh. By the way — take the over in the Missouri v Memphis game. Good luck!

(Note: The information present on this blog is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online. If your local laws prohibit online gambling then we recommend you consider an alternative form of entertainment.)


Perfect Bracket Odds

I¬†am sitting at my local sportsbar in Covington, KY (Willie’s). They are running an NCAA March Madness bracket contest. I was asked by a patron what the odds are of picking a perfect bracket. I thought it was an interesting question, and so I did a little research.

Ignoring the play-in game Tuesday evening, if you just flipped a coin for each of the 63 games, the odds are (0.5 ^ 63) = 9,223,372,036,854,780,000 (9.2 quintillion) to 1 of getting a perfect bracket. If you assume that the #1 and #2 seeds will each win their 1st and 2nd round games, and that the #3 seeds will win their 1st round games, that leaves 43 games to get right. The odds of flipping a coin and getting a perfect bracket in this scenario is (0.5 ^ 43) = 8,796,093,022,208 (8.8 trillion) to 1.

By way of comparison, the odds of winning the Powerball¬†is about 200 million to 1, or about 44,000 times more likely than picking a perfect bracket under the second scenario listed above. You’re about 50,000 times more likely to win Mega Millions with its odds of about 175 million to 1; you’re about 12.5 million times more likely to be struck by lightning√ā¬†(estimated to be 700,000 to 1).

So, let’s say you think you have a line on 43 of the 63 games, and have to guess on the remaining 20 games. Assuming that you are correct on the 43 that you picked, the odds¬†getting the remaining 20 games correct are still slightly more than 1,000,000 to 1. (This hypothetical is somewhat of an over-simplification, but you get the idea).