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The Single Page Online Gambling List

Both rookie and veteran online gamblers struggle with locating basic information about online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sports books. Things as simple as:

  • Does the site accept real-money players from the United States? If so, from all states, or are some states barred?
  • What is the new play offer, its limits, and its playthrough requirements?
  • What are the deposit methods that are offered to which countries, and what are their limits, fees, processing times, and how frequently can a deposit be requested?
  • What are the payout methods that are offered to which countries, and what are their limits, fees, processing times, and how frequently can a payout be requested?

To make it as simple as possible to locate this information about online gambling sites, I have spent may hours tracking down and compiling this information into The Single Page Online Gambling List. It’s a long page that ain’t pretty but it is functional — it displays all the basic information that I described above for top online gambling sites. Currently, it lists 14 online casinos, 4 online poker rooms, and 4 online sportsbooks — representing the best-of-the-best, 5-star sites from my Online Casino Gambling Directory. As time goes on, more sites will be added to the list.

If you use my list, please do me two favors:

  1. If you like a site, click on the site’s link from The Single Page Online Gambling List. You can click on the site’s name at the top or the bottom of the site’s summary table.
  2. Tell your friends. Please share The Single Page Online Gambling List with them via email, social media, etc.

I’ve been playing at every conceivable online gambling site for over 10 years. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. My email address, and other information about me and my site, is listed on the About The Online Casino Gambling Directory page.


US Players: Goodbye EcoCard, Hello eWalletXpress

EcoCard will cease allowing its e-wallet to be used by US customers for online gaming transactions near the end of August. I suggest that all US players make a withdrawal of all funds in their EcoCard accounts by August 20 — just as a precaution against something akin to the NETeller problems that we all just had to go through.

eWalletXpress is an e-wallet available to US players. And here are a variety of sites that accept this e-wallet and that accept US players from all states.

  • Bingo: World Bingo Club – 200% bonus on your 1st deposit over $20 (no max)
  • Casino: Superior Casino – 100% bonus on your 1st deposit between $25 and $250
  • Poker: Rumble Poker – 100% bonus on your 1st deposit between $50 and $100
  • Sportsbook: USDBET – Use bonus code OCGDMEDL to claim an exclusive bonus

NETELLER Announces Settlement of US Situation

Well, now the date is the end of July that we may be able to get our money. Read on for the announcement from NETeller.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 – NETELLER Plc (LSE: NLR), the independent
global online payments business, today announces that the Company has
entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (‘DPA’) with the United States
Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (‘USAO’). The
DPA represents the resolution of the USAO’s investigation into the

Please read the full release here:


Good News! NETELLER Progress for US Customers Announced

NETELLER announced plans to resolve its investigation with the US authorities by July 13. By that date, there should be a firm plan to distribute owed funds to its US-based customers. I don’t know about you, but I could use the cash that they owe me!

EcoCard has stepped up to fill the NETELLER void. If you do not already have an account, you should sign up for one. You can use it to play at an increasing number of online gambling sites, including Villento Las Vegas and Suite 332 (my new favorite!).


NETeller Update for US Customers

Today, NETeller issued a press release that stated (in part) “that within the next 75 days it will announce a plan by which funds will be distributed to US customers”.

Just to make sure everyone understands, it has been two months since NETeller stopped servicing US customers. And now it will be two and a half more months before they announce a plan to pay us. I suspect that the plan will involve another 90 days before we get paid.

So let’s see… what’s 5% interest on the millions that they have in their coffers that they owe to us? I bet it is enough to pay for their legal troubles, at least.


NETeller Announcement

Effective immediately, NETeller can no longer be used by US account holders at online gaming sites. This announcement follows a similar announcement by Firepay in October 2006.

This announcement should come as no surprise, given that:

  1. the NETeller Group is a publicly-traded company that needs to protect its shareholders and executives from prosecution under the UIGEA
  2. the US detained two former NETeller executives earlier this week 

In fact, if you read my blog, you’ll see that I outlined why the clock was ticking for NETeller back in November 2006.

In any event, NETeller exiting the gaming market for US account holders will be a temporary roadblock for US players. If recent history is any guide — and it should be — US players will quickly find a way to play the games the want, at the stakes they want, at any site that will accept them.