NETeller Announcement

Effective immediately, NETeller can no longer be used by US account holders at online gaming sites. This announcement follows a similar announcement by Firepay in October 2006.

This announcement should come as no surprise, given that:

  1. the NETeller Group is a publicly-traded company that needs to protect its shareholders and executives from prosecution under the UIGEA
  2. the US detained two former NETeller executives earlier this week 

In fact, if you read my blog, you’ll see that I outlined why the clock was ticking for NETeller back in November 2006.

In any event, NETeller exiting the gaming market for US account holders will be a temporary roadblock for US players. If recent history is any guide — and it should be — US players will quickly find a way to play the games the want, at the stakes they want, at any site that will accept them.