Introducing Seven Deuce Tables, only at UltimateBet

This one’s a game changer. We’ve added a sweet side pot to select tables to bring you a more intense kind of poker – and UltimateBet is the only place to play it.

It’s called Seven Deuce and it’s guaranteed to bring more action, bigger bets, larger pots and insane rivalries to the tables in a way that makes most regular high stakes games look like amateur hour.

What’s the Deal?

Monstrous pots are what online poker is all about. And Seven Deuce delivers.

Everyone who sits down at a Seven Deuce table places a prop bet into an additional side pot. The next player at the table to win a hand of online poker holding 7-2 as their hole cards wins the side pot.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Winning with 7-2 isn’t about calling every raise and getting lucky on the river. It’s about playing your cards like a champion regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt.

Winning while holding the nuts is one thing. But winning with 7-2 after enticing big bets and forcing everyone to fold on the river? Now that’s just nuts.

More Action. More Intensity. More Money.

The side pot is a magical addition that dramatically changes the game in a way you won’t believe.

With the additional side pot, you’ll find more players bluffing with 7-2, hoping that everyone will fold like a cheap chair so that they can grab the side pot and laugh in everyone’s face. And that means you’ll find lots of people calling big bluffs to try to stop the worst hand in poker from winning big.

You’ll also find people playing amazing hole cards but trying to fool the table into thinking they’re bluffing so that they can lure in the bets and snag an even bigger pot.

And that means enormous bets and more action from pretty much everyone at the table. It’s a crazy circle and you’re going to love it.

Feeding the Pot

Each time you join a Seven Deuce table, you pay into the side pot. You do not have to feed the pot again until someone wins with a 7-2. If you leave a table, you’ll get your side pot money back.

Winning the Pot

To win the side pot, just take down a pot with 7-2 at any point in a hand. You’ll have to show everyone that you were holding 7-2, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Read all the Details

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