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Full Tilt Poker is back online for play-money games

In case you didn’t get the email from Full Tilt Poker, they’re back online and dealing poker games. But they are offering only free money online poker for players in the United States “…until such time as there is regulation and licensing permitting this”.

When will that be? Not before 2014 in my opinion. (I also predict that it will happen at the state, not the federal, level; and that once it starts, it’ll be an avalanche with 80% of all states offering real-money online poker within a year.)

Of course, there are still several places that deal online poker games for real money to U.S. playersBovada PokerAmericas Cardroom, and OddsMaker.com Poker come to mind.

Nothing was mentioned in the email from Full Tilt Poker regarding reclaiming any money that was in your account when the site went kaput over a year ago. But I recently read an article in which the U.S. government put out a RFP, looking for an agency to handle the disbursement of funds to U.S. online poker players.



3XMAS Happy Hour at Full Tilt Poker

One of the things that I like about Full Tilt Poker is that you earn Full Tilt Points when you play in most of their ring games and tournaments. These Full Tilt Points can be used to buy into special tournaments, as well as merchandise.

During the upcoming holiday period, Full Tilt Poker is giving triple Full Tilt Points to its players! Happy Hour will run for 12 hours on five days:

  • Christmas Eve Wednesday December 24th
  • Christmas Day Thursday December 25th
  • Friday December 26th
  • New Year’s Eve Wednesday December 31st
  • New Year’s Day Thursday January 1st

To play during Happy Hour, look for the ring games and tournaments with the smiley face face in the Lobby.

(Please note: Full Tilt Poker accepts U.S. residents from all states. Wherever you live, please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online.)