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Betting on Blackberry

I recently upgraded my mobile handset from a Motorola Razor camera phone to a Blackberry Curve personal digital assistant (PDA).

Wow. What a difference.

One of things that I tried was placing a wager at Intertops using their PDA-optimized site.

  • Overall, it worked and I was able to place a wager.
  • The default value for a wager is 1. The first time that I tried to make a wager, I inadvertently hit the wrong key on my Blackberry, and the bet was submitted and accepted. I expected an intermediate page to review and confirm the bet, as on the main Intertops site.
  • OK. So now I had a wager of 1 on the event. To get the wager to the correct amount, I placed an additional wager on the same event. To my pleasant surprise, I was told that I already had a wager on the event, and was asked to confirm the additional wager on the same event. Good design — this should be done on the main Intertops site, too.
  • As on the normal browser-based Intertops site, I was able to review my past and pending wagers. However, the formatting on the PDA was nonexistent; the data should be properly formatted.
  • Not all bet types are offered; for example, it did not appear that I could tease an NFL game. I would expect to see additional types of wagers available on the PDA over time.

Overall, Intertops has done a decent job with the basics. A little fit-and-finish work, a few more features…. and they’ll have a very good PDA-optimized site.

(Note: The information present on this blog is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online. If your local laws prohibit online gambling then we recommend you consider an alternative form of entertainment.)