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Obama Heavy Favorite to Win Election

Obama More Than 4-1 Favorite at Most Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks have been posting President Barak Obama as an increasing favorite as election day arrives. At most online sportsbooks, Obama is today listed at more than a 4-1 favorite, including at Bovada, where he is listed as a 9-2 favorite.

A month ago, Obama was listed at -150. I got him at -200 on October 24.

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Why you need to have multiple online sportsbook accounts

Betting through an online sportsbook is a great way to add to the enjoyment of watching a match on television or in person. Savvy gamblers have multiple online sportsbook accounts to:

  • shop for the best lines — getting an extra 5-10% can make a big difference in your bankroll over the course of a year
  • find a large variety of prop bets — proposition bets come in all flavors, and different online sportsbook will tend to offer different types of proposition bets
  • negotiate a better deposit bonus — when calling to make a deposit, mention that you have other online sportsbook accounts where you are considering making this deposit
  • find arbitrage opportunities — rarely, you can make a wager on both sides of a particular bet (one wager each at different online sportbooks) and ensure that you have small win

I’ve been betting at online sportsbooks for over 5 years, and have had my share of hassles with deposits, withdrawing, and poor customer service. Thankfully, those hassles are behind me, as I have been betting at these great online sportsbook for the past several years:

  • Bovada: 50% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $500
  • Intertops: 25% bonus on initial deposits between $25 and $400
  • Oddsmaker: 100% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $1000

All three of these online sportsbooks accept players from the United States, as well as from most other parts of the world.

Here is the complete list of online sportsbooks in the The Online Casino Gambling Directory so you can do your own research if you’d like. But take it from me, you won’t do any better than these three online sportsbooks.


Stake back if Tiger Woods wins 2011 Masters at Augusta

Bet on the Masters! Tiger Woods may have been in the headlines for his escapades off the course rather than his skill on it in recent times, but Tiger Woods — the 3-time Masters winner — can never be discounted at Augusta. Our bookies see him right up there amongst the favorites and if he does triumph it’s good news for you even if you didn’t back him.

Intertops will return all losing ‘To Win The Masters’ stakes (up to USD 200) on wagers placed between 10:00 am EST on April 4th and the first tee off time on Thursday!

Intertops is a 5-star rated sportsbook that accepts players from all US states, as well as from most countries around the world.


Betting on the Dow Jones Close

Intertops has a prop bet on the value of the tenths digit of the Dow Jones Industrial Average at market close. It’s certainly not a very attractive prop bet, with each selection 0 through 9 returning only 8-1. But it got me wondering — do the values 0 through 9 appear approximately equally often as the tenths digit of the Dow close?

As you may or may not know, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a weighted average of 30 stocks. The 30 stocks that comprise the Dow are changed every once in a while, but have not changed since June 8, 2009. Looking at the daily close of the Dow beginning with that date (you can use Yahoo! Finance if you are interested in these data), we have the following:

Tenths Frequency
0 26
1 35
2 36
3 25
4 33
5 23
6 26
7 18
8 27
9 41

One would expect that each digit should have appeared approximately 29 times over the course of the 290 closes starting June 8, 2009. But the 9 has appeared 41 times! Now, I have no idea what factors may influence the value of the tenths digit, I am simply interested if the data suggest that some values appear more often than others. To do this, a Chi-Square statistical test can be run on the data; Calc and other spreadsheets can do this for you.

The resulting chi-square statistic has a probability of 0.09, meaning that if you randomly picked values from 0 through 9 290 times, the probability that you would get a distribution similar to the one shown in the table above is only 9%. That’s fairly rare, but not overly so.

But, if you were going to make this prop bet, pick the 9. 🙂