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Keeping Poker Legal in the United States

The Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide, seeks to raise additional funds leading up to a crucial vote this summer on legislation to license and regulate online poker. On July 1, their goal is to raise $50K.

Please donate — even if it’s just a buck!


FullTilt Poker – $10K National Poker Week Freeroll – August 2, 2009

Simply send a message supporting the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) to your Members of Congress by clicking on the special Full Tilt Poker/PPA page linked from their homepage.

Use the same email address which is registered to your Full Tilt Poker account and they’ll email you showing you how to register for the $10K freeroll on August 2 at 14.30 ET.



KY Domain Name Grab Thwarted — For the Moment

Earlier this week, the Kentucky state governor attempted to block access by the state’s citizens to over 100 online gambling websites on the grounds that the state government may seize devices that are used for illegal gambling. On Friday, the Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA) halted this domain name grab, at least temporarily, on the grounds that poker is a game of skill and, as such, is not covered by the laws that the governor was attempting to use to block access to the sites. In addition, the PPA claims that there are First Amendment issues that are relevant to the case.

Read more about the KY domain name grab at


Candidates and Online Gambling

The Poker Players Alliance PPA has published an article that you may want to take a look at if you are in a Super Tuesday state. The article, The Candidates’ Views on Online Poker, suggests that on the Democratic ticket Clinton may be a bit more willing to study the issue than Obama. On the Republican ticket, it seems that none of the candidates want to tackle the issue; it is worth noting that McCain is endorsed by PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato (who supports McCain on his own, not as a representative of the PPA).


Poker Player’s Alliance Update

The Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA) ”… is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of poker players and enthusiasts from around the United States who have joined together to speak with one voice to promote the game, ensure its integrity, and, most importantly, to protect poker players’ rights.

You can help this month by getting out to the local events in your area where your reps are out among the public and let them know your views on online poker. The PPA has published an article that outlines some of the ways for you to do this, and provides talking points on their homepage for you to use in your conversation.


Poker Player’s Alliance Webcast Thursday April 12 @ 3 PM EST

If you’ve not yet joined the PPA (like I asked you to :) ), join up today so that you can tune in to tomorrow’s webcast with Senator Al D’Amato. According to their website:

“The Senator will give you an update of the federal government issues facing poker today and what the PPA is doing to fight for your rights. You have the opportunity to send e-mail questions before and during the Webcast which the Senator will answer live.”

Hopefully, they will record and post the webcast for later viewing, since many of us have real jobs that will prevent us from attending live.


Help to keep online poker legal in the US

I was skeptical when I saw the formation of the Poker Player’s Alliance about 18 months ago. Their goal is “.. to promote the game, ensure its integrity, and, most importantly, to protect poker players’ rights.”.

Yeah, right. Good luck.

But I now think that they may be on to something. They have named former senator Alfonse D’Amato as Chairman of the Board of the organization. Getting someome like him to lead the charge — someone who knows the ins-and-outs of Congress, and who still may be able to call in a few outstanding favors — is a real score.

Do your part and help fud the efforts of the PPA — and get some bonus cash at the same time. Here’s how.

  • Open a new Full Tilt Poker account, or log into your existing account
  • Follow these instructions to join the PPA through the Full Tilt Poker cashier. If you join PPA at the $20 level, Full Tilt Poker will give you a $50 bonus + a freeroll entry; joining the PPA at higher levels gets you better goodies from Full Tilt Poker.

US players can also play in special PPA Membership Drive $500 freerolls at PokerStars in exchange for allowing them to share your contact information with the PPA. The PPA will send you more information, and you can decide to join at a later time.