Good Video Poker Hits at The Orleans, Las Vegas

I just returned from the G2E in Las Vegas, Nevada. While I was there, I had dinner with a client at The Orleans. After dinner we sat down to play $1 Double Double Bonus Video Poker in their High Limit area, just across from the Canal Street restaurant (Lean toward the meat and pork, and away from the pasta and fish.)

On my 3rd hand of the night, I was DEALT a straight flush — Ace through 5 of hearts. As usual, I was playing maximum credits, so my $5 bet returned a cool $250.

The odds of being a dealt any straight slush, including a royal flush, are about 65,000 to 1. Put another way, you can expect the be dealt a straight flush once if you play 4 hands a minute for 8 hours a day for 34 days straight.

Minutes later, at another machine on which my client had hit a royal flush a few years back, I was dealt 3 3s. Superstitiously, I asked the machine nicely for the 4th 3 — the 3 of hearts. I hit the three but missed the kicker, and was paid $400.

Very rare events do occur, and I was lucky that night.