Bovada Online Casino Benefits — Simplified

I find it frustrating that both land and online casinos have such confusing rewards programs. I’m sure there are marketing reasons behind this — if they just came out and stated the percentage of your betting dollars that you get back, you’d probably be insulted.

In any event, here is the new rewards program at Bovada Online Casino. It goes into effect on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Play… Earn… Enjoy…
Slots 3 points for every $10 bet 100 points equals $1 in casino chips
Table Games 2 points for every $10 bet
Blackjack 1point for every $10 bet
Video Poker 1 point for every $10 bet

Now here is my simplified view of the new rewards program.

Play… Get Back
Slots 0.3%
Table Games 0.2%
Blackjack 0.1%
Video Poker 0.1%

Better than nothing, I guess.

Oh, and one more thing — There will also be a 100% Match Bonus Code available every week so that you get even more by playing at Bovada Online Casino.

Good luck at the casino!