MLB: June 6

Here are today’s picks, made moments ago at Intertops.

Teams O/U Runs Terms Wager $ Edge %
sea@bos U 9.0 -110 22.00 41
bal@tor U 8.5 100 20.00 59
tam@tex U 9.5 -125 25.00 63
min@cws U 8.5 -105 21.00 53
mil@col U 9.0 -110 22.00 33
laa@oak U 7.0 100 20.00 31
Total wagered: 130.00  

I’ve continued to post my MLB totals picks each day. Overall, I am 75-70 (51.72% winning percentage), for a net loss of $31.28 (-0.97% return on investment).

This briings to mind a point to consider if you read on the internet about a guy whose sports handicapping system is “9-3 in his last 12 SOLID LOCK PICKS” (or some similar claim). The point is this: Your record is irrelvant. What is relevant is your return on investment — how much money these picks made relative to the size of the bets that one had to make to win the money.

Here’s an illustration of my point: Suppose a handicapper claims to have a 9-3 record in his last 12. This could easily have resulted in a net loss if each of his picks was a heavy favorite, say -300 or worse. In fact, if each of his picks were at an average of -300, a 9-3 record is break even, and actually will have cost you money once you factor in the price of making deposits and withdrawals at some online sportsbooks.

I’d really love to see handicappers post their return on investment, rather than their win-loss record, when touting a sports betting system.