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a backgammon board Object: The object of backgammon is to remove your men from the board before your opponent.

Overview: The backgammon board consists of 24 positions on which each of two players place their 15 checkers (or "men") at fixed positions at the beginning of a game. Players alternate rolling two six-sided dice and moving their men around the board. Movement around the board is constrained by the rolls of the dice and your opponent's position on the board -- when your opponent has two or more men at a single position, you cannot land on that position. However, if your opponent has a single man at a position, you can land on that position and send his man to the "bar" where he will have to start anew the trek around the board with that man. Play proceeds until one player is able to remove all of his men from the board by getting them all the way around the board and into his home -- this is done through "bearing off".

Complete Rules and Strategy: Other sites, the Wikipedia for example, have written complete rules and some strategies for playing backgammon. You can find the rules and strategies at the skill games sites that offer online backgammon as well; see the links below.

Online Play Rankings (Important!): When playing online backgammon (for money) at most of the skill games sites, your ranking will fluctuate as you play. All players start with the same ranking when they first register, and their ranking increases with each win and decreases with each loss. The site will pair similarly-ranked players in head-to-head match ups, so you can be fairly confident that your opponent is of similar skill as you.

A word of caution -- be wary of playing a newly-registered player for large stakes, as the player could very well be an expert whose ranking does not yet reflect their skill (since they have played only a very few games on the site).

Online Play: There are just a few skill game sites that offer online backgammon. You can try online backgammon risk-free by utilizing the free, no-deposit welcome bonuses that may be available at some of the sites.

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This site accepts US players from most states. Barred states are: AZ AR DE FL IA IL KY LA MD MO NY SC NV OH WA VT. 

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