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Play Online Solitaire for Cash

I would guess that over 90% of all Windows computer users have played Solitaire. It may very well be the most-used Windows application ever.

Windows Solitaire

I recently discovered an online site called Game Colony that spreads Solitaire tournaments for real money.

Below are the complete rules of the Solitaire tournaments at Game Colony.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to use all cards to build up the 4 suit stacks in ascending order starting with the aces.

Suit stacks to be build are in the upper right corner. The bottom card in each of the 4 suit stacks is an ace. In the example, 2 of clubs in the second suit stack is already placed on top of the ace of clubs (ascending order).

The bottom 7 stacks are called row stacks. The cards in the row stacks are in descending order alternating between red and black. The bottom card in the row stack is the king. In the example, the top open card in the leftmost row stack is the queen of hearts (red) that is placed on the king of spades (black).

Playing the Game
As the game proceeds, the 7 row stacks on the bottom are build only as an intermediate holding place for eventual build-up of 4 suit stacks.

To move cards to any of the 4 suit stacks, you must start each suit stack pile with an ace. Once an ace has been put up in the suit stack pile, 2 of that same suit can be placed on the ace, and so forth, ending with the king. Once a card has been placed on the suit stack pile, it can be moved back to the row stack, however, a point penalty will be assessed for this act ion.

Cards in the 7 row stack piles can be placed on other cards by building downward and alternating colors. In the example above , the top open card in the leftmost row stack is the queen of hearts (red) that is placed on the king of spades (black). You can move more than one card at a time; for example, a rightmost pile containing an 8 of hearts & 7 of spades could be picked up and placed on a 9 of spades (if 9 of spades was an open card in any other of the 7 row stacks). When a card in any of the 7 row stacks has been moved to expose a downward-faci ng card, that card can be turned face-up (by clicking on it). Whene a card in any of the 7 row stacks is moved to create an e mpty slot, that slot can be filled with any king.

When there are no moves to make in the row stacks, go through the closed deck (upper left corner), turning one card up at a time (in the 1-card variation) or three cards at a time (in the 3-card variation). As the cards in the deck are clicked, the y are put face up next to the closed deck. The top card from these open cards is available to move either to the row stacks o r to final suit stacks if there is a place for it there. After going through all of the cards in the closed deck, you can go through it again however, there is a point penalty for this action.

The play continues until all 52 cards have been placed in the 4 suit stacks or until no more moves are possible or until time runs out : five minutes (5:00) is the maximum time allowed.

Moving the Cards
Click and drag to move a single open card from any of the 7 row stacks to another spot in the row stacks, or to any of the su it stacks, etc..

To move a group of cards within the 7 row stacks, click on the highest card in the group, and drag it to the destination card .

To reveal a face-down card in any of the 7 row stacks, just click on it.

To reveal the next card from the closed deck (or, in the 3-card variation, to reveal the next three cards), just click on the closed deck. To return the open cards placed next to the deck to closed deck for subsequent drawing, just click on the empty spot.

If you double-click on an open card in one of the 7 row stacks, and there is a spot in the suit stack for that card, that car d is immediately moved to the suit stack slot.

To take back 1 move, click the ‘Undo’ button. You cannot take back more than 1 move. When no moves can be taken back, the Undo button will be disabled. For example, the move that opens a previously hidden card cannot be taken back, so Undo button will be disabled.


  • Any card moved to any of the 4 suit stacks earns 10 points.
  • Any card moved from the deck to any of the 7 row stacks earns 5 points
  • A closed card revealed in any of the 7 row stacks earns 5 points
  • A card moved from any of the 4 suit stacks back to row stacks — 15 points penalty gets subtracted
  • In the 3-card variation, every time you go through the deck after the 3d time, 20 points penalty gets subtracted
  • In the 1-card variation, every time you go through the deck after the 1st time, 100 points penalty gets subtracted
  • At the end of the game, there is also a Time Bonus for each unused second.

Solitaire Strategy Tips

  • If there is a choice of cards to use from the 7 row stacks, select the one with most unopen cards under it
  • Since there is a penalty involved for extra trips through the hand, avoid those
  • Especially in a 3 card variation, players with good memory will benefit from going through the entire deck prior to moving a single card

About Game Colony

  • Players from most parts of the world are accepted, including from the United States
  • FREE Paypal payouts are offered to players once every three weeks
  • At GameColony you can play online head-to-head games and tournaments in 20 multiplayer games of skill.
  • GameColony has a thriving online community where players from all over the world are engaged in healthy skill-based competition — either for prizes or for free.

Great Online Gambling February Offers

There are some great online gambling offers that are coming online in February. You’re sure to find something to your liking since these online gambling offers cover the full spread of online gambling games:

  • online casino games like slots, blackjack, video poker, and roulette
  • online bingo and keno
  • sports betting (get some action Super Bowl 50, perhaps?)
  • online poker freerolls, cash games, tournaments
  • skill-based cash tournaments, including card, strategy, arcade, and word games

Here’s the list of offers by category:


Checkers, Chess, Backgammon Tournaments for Cash using PayPal

If you get tired of trying to beat the house at slots, video poker, and other online casino gambling games, head over to GameColony.com to play some heads-up skill-dominated games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and more.



GameColony.com offers the following games; all are available on workstations, and some are available on mobile devices (Android, iOS) as well.

  • BuckMan
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Cribbage
  • Dominos
  • Gin Rummy
  • Lines
  • Mahjong
  • Pharaoh
  • Poker Rush
  • Pool
  • Pyramid-13
  • Pyramids
  • Rush-21
  • Solitaire

Best part is that they use PayPal! You can make no-fee deposits and free cashouts (once every three weeks) right to your PayPal wallet. No hassling with credit cards, bank wires, and paper checks when you play at GameColony.com.

Residents of the following states are not permitted to play at GameColony.com: AZ AR DE FL IA IL KY LA MD MO NY SC NV OH WA VT


Online Backgammon For Cash, PayPal Accepted, $10 Free

If you’d like to show off your online backgammon skills — and put your money where your mouth is — then GameColony is the place for you. Throughout the day, GameColony offers various types of online backgammon games with real cash prizes. They offer both single and double elimination tournaments, played to various point levels. But your real money maker is playing heads up against other players. There are usually more than one hundred players in the Main Hall, waiting to play online backgammon for real cash.

The way it works is that you purchase tickets via PayPal, use the tickets to enter tournaments in which you can win more tickets, and then cash out your tickets as cash via PayPal.

If you go to GameColony through a link in this blog, you’ll get $10 FREE to start.

If online backgammon isn’t your game, they have all kinds of other skill-based and arcade-style games that you can also play for cash and prizes. I’ll be highlighting some of the additional games in the coming days and weeks.

GameColony accepts players from most states. Players from the following states are barred from play at GameColony: AZ AR DE FL IA IL KY LA MD MO NY SC NV OH WA VT.



Backgammon Cash Games

Merge Poker Rooms offer the easiest way that I know of to play Backgammon cash games — both head-to-head cash games and cash tourneys. Every time that I have played, I’ve found several dozen — at times a hundred or more — players playing/waiting for a game.

The thing that I liked most is the rule variants that are offered around doubling, Jacoby, Crawford, beavers, and others. I’m sure that you’ll be able to find an opponent at the variety of backgammon that you are most experienced with.

Read more about all the rules of the backgammon games at a leading Merge Poker Room, OddsMaker Poker. The initial deposit bonus at OddsMaker Poker can be earned by playing backgammon, and the 5% maximum backgammon rake is more than reasonable.

Merge Poker Rooms accept players from all 50 states!

This is a 4 star site. Click to read more about star ratings. This site accepts US players from all 50 states. OddsMaker.com Poker
100% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $1000!
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Languages: English Currencies: USD - United States Dollars are accepted.


Win cash in skill game tourneys

If you think that you’re better than most players at skill games like checkers, chess, backgammon, gin, cribbage, dominoes, canasta, and solitaire games, I have a great site for you. GameColony hosts both free and cash skill game tournaments, and players from 35 US States are eligible to play. (Players are barred from: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Washington and Vermont.).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account at GameColony — it took me about a minute, since all you need to provide is your choice of a screen name and password, and your birth year.
  2. Use the free-play option to check out the games that they have to offer. You’ll want to get familiar with the games and the rules before you play for cash.
  3. Fund your account using PayPal or a credit card for as little as $5.95. You get $Tickets in exchange for your deposit.
    • 5 $Tickets for — $5.95
    • 10 $Tickets for — $10.95
    • 25 $Tickets for — $26.95
    • 50 $Tickets for — $51.95
    • 100 $Tickets for — $103.95
  4. Play the games either head-to-head or in multi-person tourneys for $Tickets. Approximately 85% of the $Ticket entry fees are returned to the winners.
  5. Any time that you have more than 2 $Tickets, you can convert them back to cash and make a withdrawal back to your PayPal or credit card. Withdrawals in excess of your original deposit are sent to you as a check.

Good luck at the games!


Try Some New Sites for the New Year

Start off the New Year by trying some new sites. Here are my top picks to start off 2010. All of the sites below accept players from all US States.


  • Free Bee Bingo – $50 FREE + 200% bonus on initial deposits between $25 and $9999!
  • 123 Bingo Online – $25 FREE + 1000% bonus on initial deposits between $10 and $9999!
  • Bingo Flash – $20 FREE + 250% bonus on initial deposits between $10 and $9999!
  • BingoVille – $10 FREE + 150% bonus on initial deposits between $50 and $10000!
  • BingoRoom – 150% bonus on initial deposits between $50 and $10000!




  • Poker Stars – 100% bonus on initial deposits between $10 and $600!
  • Full Tilt Poker – 100% bonus on initial deposits between $10 and $600!
  • Poker4Ever – 100% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $150!
  • Spin32 Poker – 100% bonus on initial deposits of between $10 and $600!
  • Bizipoker3D – 30% bonus on initial deposits between $10 and $666!


  • Spadester – $4 FREE + 100% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $100!
  • Play65 – 40% bonus on initial deposits between $20 and $500!


Have a lucky 2010!


U.S. Senator Introduces Internet Poker Bill, S. 3616

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (NJ-D) introduced a bill in the Senate which would establish a way for Americans to play games of skill for money over the Internet in a regulated fashion. In the bill, examples of games of skill include poker, bridge, and mahjong.

The bill was referred to committee, from which bills often do not return. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if aything comes of it… I’m doubtful.

In the meantime, Americans still have several good choices for playing online poker. Check out the list by clicking the link.

(Please note: Wherever you live, please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online.)