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Americas Cardroom Offers Fast, $100 Minimum Check Payouts

At last Saturday’s UFC 210: Cormier vs Johnson 2, I went 5 of 6 at the Americas Cardroom sportsbook.

On Sunday, I requested a payout of my winnings. They offer one free check payout per month, with a low $100 minimum. I’m happy to report that the check arrived Thursday, with no hassles, delays or unnecessary requests for additional information.

In today’s online gambling landscape, Americas Cardroom‘s payout policy really stands out. It is RARE indeed that a site offers free monthly payouts with such a low minimum. It’s one of the reasons that Americas Cardroom is one of the few 5-star sites at the The Online Casino Gambling Directory.


Americas Cardroom has a poker room, casino, and sportsbook. Real-money players from the USA are accepted.


Online Casino Gambling Directory Search Improvement

I recently upgraded the Search capability at The Online Casino Gambling Directory. The upgrade allows users to search the directory for online gambling sites that allow players from a specific US state. Prior to Black Friday 2011, online gambling sites’ policies were pretty straight-forward: they either accepted no players from the United State, all players from the United States, or barred KY and WA only. Recently, sites’ policies have gotten more complicated and varied, and so the search upgrade was needed so that anyone can determine all sites that accept new registrations from any state.

  1. Start from any search result, like for “blackjack“.
  2. From the left column, check the “US players OK from” check box.
  3. Select a state from the drop down list, like “Arizona“.
  4. Viola! The search results now shows only those sites that accept players from the selected state.

Good luck!



Halloween Bonus — $10 Free to All Players

Pretty simple online casino promo here. Click the banner below and you’re in. US players welcome at this Rival online casino.

Depositors will also get a 100% slots bonus on their deposits of between $50 and $1000.

For more online casino bonuses, The Online Casino Gambling Directory is the place!


Online Gambling Sites that Accept US Players

Often, I am asked “What online gambling sites accept US players?”. This is an important question to my blog readers, since no one wants to waste time researching a site only to find that they do not accept US-based real-money players.

In addition to clearly stating each online gambling site’s policy toward US players in the search engine results pages at The Online Casino Gambling Directory, I’ve also created a single page that lists all online gambling sites, grouped by their policy toward US players, as well as by site type (bingo, casino, poker, etc.).

Here is that list of online gambling sites that accept US players.


Updates to Online Gambling Site are Complete

The extensive updates to my main online gambling directory are now complete. With Microgaming recently banning its licensees from accepting new real-money players from the US, and with the state of Kentucky putting pressure on various online casinos and online poker rooms, it was necessary to do a complete check-up and update of all pages at The Online Casino Gambling Directory.

So, here’s where things stand:

Now, and as always, you can be sure that the information that you get at The Online Casino Gambling Directory is accurate, complete, and free from bul**hit.


New Feature at The Online Casino Gambling Directory

I received emails asking for a short, straightforward list of gambling sites. So, here you go!

These lists display just the essential information about each site, including:

  • Name
  • US player policy
  • Star rating
  • Free chips
  • Bonus percentage
  • Minimum deposit to get the bonus
  • Maximum deposit eligible for the bonus

Of course, you can still use the original, more extensive lists that are returned from performing a search.


Major Improvements at The Online Casino Gambling Directory

I have made some major improvements to The Online Casino Gambling Directory as result of the feedback that I have been getting about the site.

  • All sites have been given a Star Rating from 1 (low) to 5 (high). I assigned the ratings based on a number of factors, including length of time online, ease of deposits and withdrawals, and customer service. Look to the 5-star sites for the best in online gambling.
  • I added a new Hot Search — the 5-star sites — to make it easy to get directly to the search results that will be most useful to you.
  • The Narrow your search section on the left side of the search results page has been streamlined to make it easier to narrow your search results. Just pick an option from the drop-down lists, check boxes, and radio buttons, and the search results page is automatically updated to reflect what you’ve selected.
  • I’ve added the ability to narrow your search results based on Language and Currency. For those players outside of the United States that would like to play at a gaming site in your native language and in currencies other than USD, now you can easily locate those gaming sites using these filters in the Narrow your search section.

Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!


Over $500 FREE for US Players

I was just reviewing all of the sites at The Online Casino Gambling Directory. Did you know that as of this writing, there are over 35 sites that offer more than $500 in FREE money to they their games? You can play poker, video poker, bingo, pull tabs, slots, and variety of Las Vegas-style casino games.

If anyone would like to try to download, install, and claim all of these offers, I would love to hear about your experiences — and whether or not you win! You can contact me at


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