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More Great Customer Service at BetUS

I like to bet on MLB totals — the total number of runs scored in a game by both teams. I have various resources that I use to determine which games to bet, including a custom-made spreadsheet and two web pages (one of which is mine that compiles statistics on MLB umpire’s tendencies when calling balls and strikes). About a week or so ago, I was doing my normal research and decided that I liked the UNDER 10.5 @ -115 in the Angels v Rangers game, and found the best odds for the game were at BetUS Sportsbook, an online sportsbook that accepts real-money wagers from US players.

Take a look at the card below, a screen capture of some of the day’s bets.

Note that the game immediately above the Angles v Rangers game — Indians v Rays — was also UNDER 10.5 @ -115. Well, I mistakenly bet the Indians v Rays game. I noticed immediately after I confirmed the bet by entering my password and clicking the Confirm button on the BetUS website.

I immediately called the BetUS toll-free customer service line ( 1-800-588-5586 ) and was quickly connected to a representative. I explained what I had done and asked to have the bet cancelled. The rep explained that it was against their policy to cancel bets once they were confirmed, but I asked that he take a look at the card and see how such a mistake could have been made. The rep put me on hold, conferred with his supervisor, and allowed me to switch the bet that I had made on the Indians v Rays with my intended bet on the Angels v Rangers.

Now that’s great customer service!

(For those that are curious, both of the games went OVER. 🙁 )


Great Service Experience at Intertops

Intertops is a 5-star rated site at The Online Casino Gambling Directory. Yesterday, I had an experience which confirmed their best-of-the-best 5-star rating.

I’ve been a bit distracted with helping to take care of my mother as she recovers from successful hip replacement surgery. As a result, I only have a few minutes a day to place wagers on the sporting events that I am interested in. Yesterday, I saw a great over on Thursday’s Missouri v Memphis game, and liked it for 2.5 units; however, I inadvertently made the wager for 3 units.

This is no big deal, really — I placed an extra half wager than I intended. But, I thought that I would give Intertops a call and see if they could modify my wager.

I called Intertops on the phone and a customer service rep answered almost immediately. I explained that I wanted to reduce my wager on the Missouri v Memphis game. She explained that it is the policy of Intertops to not modify a wager once it is placed. I understood and expected this response — confirming an online wager is equivalent to walking away from a betting window at the track or a book; all bets are now final.

However, she went on to say that she would check to see if an exception could be made. After a 2 minute hold, she came back on the line and said that they had made an exception and cancelled the wager.

Wow. I was surprised, but I guess not too much. Intertops has long been a 5-star site, and I suppose the fact that I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years and had never made such a request may have been a factor in their granting the exception…. but still, they took care of my exceptional request, and I wanted to let everyone know about it.

Now, I’m not saying to get into the habit of placing and then trying to cancel bets, nor am I saying that Intertops will always honor a bet cancellation request. I’m just saying that with Intertops, if you do make a mistake and want to cancel a wager, they’ll at least consider your request.

Oh. By the way — take the over in the Missouri v Memphis game. Good luck!

(Note: The information present on this blog is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online. If your local laws prohibit online gambling then we recommend you consider an alternative form of entertainment.)


Reader Review: PitBull Poker

A reader recently sent in their review of PitBull Poker, and I wanted to share that with you. In case you didn’t know, PitBull Poker offers new players $10 FREE + 200% up to $200 on First Deposit, and accepts players from all US States.

1. Easier graphical user interface than most poker sites (flash)
2. there appears to be fewer bad beats than at other cardrooms
3. obvious when you win a pot uncontested (everyone folds) big congratulations banner and round of applause
4. cool sound bytes
5. great first deposit bonuses and promotions
6. compatible with older operating systems (I have Windows 2000)
7. automatically shows bet amounts and total amount in the pots
8. easy to use (i.e. pick a table, leave table, make deposits)
9. free money for first time users
10. beeping alert when it is your turn to act
11. silver arrow to show whose turn it is
12. sliding scale to adjust bets and raises
13. lots of “fish”- players who do not play odds
14. $50 dollars for referrals, and your friends gets $10
15. wide selection of poker games
16. good mix of sit and gos, tournament, or cash
17. play for as little as ten cents per blind
18. either 6 or 10 at a cash table
19. play in your pajamas, no gas, cheap beer, etc.
20. big tournaments every 15 minutes

(Please note: PitBull Poker accepts players from all US states. Wherever you live, please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online.)