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U.S. Senator Introduces Internet Poker Bill, S. 3616

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (NJ-D) introduced a bill in the Senate which would establish a way for Americans to play games of skill for money over the Internet in a regulated fashion. In the bill, examples of games of skill include poker, bridge, and mahjong.

The bill was referred to committee, from which bills often do not return. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if aything comes of it… I’m doubtful.

In the meantime, Americans still have several good choices for playing online poker. Check out the list by clicking the link.

(Please note: Wherever you live, please check your local, state and provincial laws before you gamble online.)


Article on Presidential Candidates and Gambling

Molly Ball at the wrote an excellent piece on the presidential candidates and their positions — both publicly and privately — on gambling. She covers many of the front runner’s histories as legislators, how they voted on past gambling-related issues, and where we can expect many of them to stand should the candidate become elected.

A very insightful article that is worth a read.


Internet Gambling Study Act

Shelly Berkely (D) from Nevada on Friday introduced in the U.S. Congress the Internet Gambling Study Act. This bill is intended to:

provide for a study by the National Academy of Sciences to identify the proper response of the United States to the growth of Internet gambling


If passed, the study would last a year and may provide a blueprint for how Internet gambling could be regulated in the United States. It is possible — in my opinion — that the passage of this bill would at least delay the enforcement of the UIGEA while the study is conducted.

The bill has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee.


Correction to rumor r.e. WA state gambling laws

Gambling over the internet is big-time illegal in the state of Washington. A few WA legislators (Strow, Kirby, Upthegrove, B. Sullivan, Simpson, Appleton) feel that internet gambling should be OK in the privacy of one’s home, and so introduced House Bill 1243 in January, 2007.

Provides that, in a prosecution for a violation of RCW 9.46.240, it is an affirmative defense, which the defendant must prove by a preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant transmitted or received the gambling information over the internet, or that the defendant installed or
maintained equipment for the transmission or receipt of gambling information over the internet, in his or her primary residence for recreational purposes. For purposes of this provision, “recreational purposes” means for the defendant’s
own enjoyment and not as part of an enterprise that derives income from operating an internet.

At least one post has suggested that this bill passed on April 23 or 24. It did not. 

I spoke with Jennifer with the WA Legislative Hotline (1.800.562.6000) who informed me that this is a mistake, and that no action has been taken on the bill since it was read for the first time in January, 2007. Apparently, they mixed up and posted that 1243 had passed, when in fact it was 1343 that had passed (according to Jennifer).

You can reach Jennifer at the number above, and ask for Hotline 17 to be connected directly to her.


Too Drunk to Gamble?

Too drunk to gamble? That’s almost like saying that you’re too drunk to fish… it is just not possible. 

But we’ve all been there… too many drinks, too many losing bets, and wanting just one more bankroll to keep playing. We were smart when we left the house without credit cards and ATM cards, but now we could really use them.

In cases like these, the casino is usually more than willing to extend you credit — even when you are hammered. One Indiana lawmaker has proposed that casinos extend more than $1000 credit only to players that pass a breath test.

This seems to be a good idea. Breath tests can be given in a private area so they’d be minimally intrusive. Since results are available in less than a minute, the test would also be minimally inconvenient.

One problem that I forsee is that I, for one, may not be able to muster the volume of exhaled air needed to activate the test after smoking two packs of Camels during my 8 hour losing streak that led to me needing credit in the first place. :)