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KY Domain Name Grab Thwarted — For the Moment

Earlier this week, the Kentucky state governor attempted to block access by the state’s citizens to over 100 online gambling websites on the grounds that the state government may seize devices that are used for illegal gambling. On Friday, the Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA) halted this domain name grab, at least temporarily, on the grounds that poker is a game of skill and, as such, is not covered by the laws that the governor was attempting to use to block access to the sites. In addition, the PPA claims that there are First Amendment issues that are relevant to the case.

Read more about the KY domain name grab at


Candidates and Online Gambling

The Poker Players Alliance PPA has published an article that you may want to take a look at if you are in a Super Tuesday state. The article, The Candidates’ Views on Online Poker, suggests that on the Democratic ticket Clinton may be a bit more willing to study the issue than Obama. On the Republican ticket, it seems that none of the candidates want to tackle the issue; it is worth noting that McCain is endorsed by PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato (who supports McCain on his own, not as a representative of the PPA).


Article on Presidential Candidates and Gambling

Molly Ball at the wrote an excellent piece on the presidential candidates and their positions — both publicly and privately — on gambling. She covers many of the front runner’s histories as legislators, how they voted on past gambling-related issues, and where we can expect many of them to stand should the candidate become elected.

A very insightful article that is worth a read.