Blacklisted: Rome Partners, Rome Casino, Diceland Casino

Rome Partners is the affiliate program for Rome Casino and Diceland Casino. Both the online gambling affiliate program and the online casinos that it represents have been blacklisted at The Online Casino Gambling Directory for spamming. Here’s what happened that led to the blacklisting of Rome Partners and the sites that it promotes.

  • I joined Rome Partners on 11 Feb 2008. There was very little activity in my account.
  • On 05 Jul 2009, I received an email from Jodi N., asking me to join their program. When I replied that I was already a member of the affiliate program, and expressed my dissatisfaction that the program would send me such an email when I am already a member. It seemed spammy to me, and I responded as such.
  • Jodi N’s reply to me, in my opinion, was unprofessional and she refused to accept responsibility for sending such an email. “We have a few affiliate managers here and we are all constantly looking for new affiliates to work with. If sometimes we overlap and re-email and affiliate that is already working with us we apologise but it cant always be helped. It is a pity that you would think we have some tactic here and are trying to cheat anyone, as we really are not.”
  • I replied that I wished to leave the Rome Partners affiliate program, and to not be contacted again. “I’ve decided to remove your affiliate program and associated casinos from The Online Casino Gambling Directory. Please delete my account and remove my email address from all of your email lists. I do not wish to receive any emails from anyone associated with either Rome Partners or Rome Casino.”
  • Gabriel E., Jodi N.’s manager, stepped in and offered an explanation as to what happened. He asked me to confirm that I still wished to leave the program: “If you are in any way interested in continuing to work with us, please let Jodi know and she will do everything she can to assist you, as she is a very capable affiliate manager. If not, I will close your account and inform all affiliate managers never to contact you again.”
  • On 20 Jul 2009, I confirmed that I wished to leave the program by replying to Gabriel E., and cc:’ing Jodi N. “My decision to leave Rome Partners stands. Please close my account and inform all affiliate managers never to contact me again.”

Seems simple and clear to me, no?

  • On 21 May 2010, I received another email from them; I used the unsubscribe link.
  • On 21 Oct 2010, I received email from “” with subject “European Traffic is Now Welcome”.
  • On 24 Oct 2010, I received email from “” with subject “French and European traffic”.

Well, this is spam and it is cause for being placed on the blacklist. It has been my experience that as goes the affiliate program, so goes the sites that are promoted by them. Thus, it is my opinion that the Rome Partners sites (Rome Casino and Diceland Casino) should be avoided – unless you like spam.