Use UseMyWallet to Reduce Withdrawal Costs

UseMyWallet, also referred to as QuickTender, is an invitation-only e-wallet that is becoming increasingly popular with online bingo rooms, online casinos, online poker rooms, ans online sportsbooks. Payouts from online gambling sites to UseMyWallet are at no cost to you, compared to payouts via checks that can cost up to $50.

If you have more than one online gambling site where you withdraw from on a regular basis, and they support UseMyWallet, you may want to consider having all payouts into your UseMyWallet account, and then do a single payout from your UseMyWallet account. The cost for a payout from UseMyWallet to a linked bank account is $30 + what your bank charges to receive an international wire transfer (usually in the $12-$25 dollar range).

Another benefit of having a UseMyWallet account is that you can use it as a way to transfer funds from one online gambling site to another, at no cost to you. It will take a few days to complete the transfer, but if you want to transfer funds from a casino to a sportsbook, for example, UseMyWallet may be a way to do that.

To get a UseMyWallet account, the general guideline is that you need to have made $500 in deposits and withdrawals AND have an active account for 90 days or more before requesting that the online gambling site send you an invitation to open a UseMyWallet account. Doyle’s Room Poker and Casino does it this way, although the requirements to receive a UseMyWallet invitation may vary at other sites.