Backgammon Cash Games

Merge Poker Rooms offer the easiest way that I know of to play Backgammon cash games — both head-to-head cash games and cash tourneys. Every time that I have played, I’ve found several dozen — at times a hundred or more — players playing/waiting for a game.

The thing that I liked most is the rule variants that are offered around doubling, Jacoby, Crawford, beavers, and others. I’m sure that you’ll be able to find an opponent at the variety of backgammon that you are most experienced with.

Read more about all the rules of the backgammon games at a leading Merge Poker Room, OddsMaker Poker. The initial deposit bonus at OddsMaker Poker can be earned by playing backgammon, and the 5% maximum backgammon rake is more than reasonable.

Merge Poker Rooms accept players from all 50 states!

This is a 4 star site. Click to read more about star ratings. This site accepts US players from all 50 states. Poker
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