Blacklisted: 888-branded Sites, Littlewood Casino and Poker,

All of the following sites have been blacklisted at The Online Casino Gambling Directory: branded sites ( Casino-on-Net, Pacific Poker,,, Littlewood Poker, Littlewood Casino,

Why blacklist these sites? All of these properties are promoted through an affiliate program called, who are IMO spammers.

  • 12/6/08: Received an unsolicited email from regarding their new site. I asked to be removed from all email lists.
  • 12/7/08. I was told that I was removed from all email lists.
  • 1/8/09: I received another email from them again, and asked again to be removed from all email lists.
  • 1/11/09: I received this ridiculous reply: “We will endeavourer to fulfill your request and disable your account from receiving any further promotional material emails from us, prior to doing so, we require you to amend your payment option, as Neteller is not longer a valid payment method choice while residing in the United States.”
  • 1/11/09: I sent my reply: “This is nonsense. If I have an account with you — and I do not think that I do — delete it and STOP EMAILING me.”
  • 3/11/09: I received email with subject “Get the luck of the Irish to win $4,000!”.
  • 3/14/09: I blacklisted and the sites that they promote.

It has been my experience that as goes the affiliate program, so goes the sites that are promoted by them. Thus, it is my opinion that the branded sites ( Casino-on-Net, Pacific Poker,,, Littlewood Poker, Littlewood Casino, should be avoided — unless you like spam and inane requests to take an action that is totally unrelated to the issue at hand (like a request to update your payment option when you send in an unsubscribe request).

27 Mar 2009 update: Incredibly, I just received “Uffiliates Newsletter – March 2009” from to Wow — this confirms, IMO, that my blacklisting of Uffiliates is absolutely, positively warranted. Grrr…

14 May 2009 update: Another SPAM email from these spammers, “Your affiliate account” from More confirmation that these guys are spammy spammers.

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