NoXWin Blacklisted at The Online Casino Gambling Directory

NoXWin operates a casino, poker room, and sportsbook. Recently, they and their affiliates began emailing me at various email addresses on the domain.

  • On 29 Oct 08, I initially asked to be removed for their mailing lists.
  • On 03 Nov 08, I repeated my request, outlined my domains that I wanted removed, sent that email to multiple email addresses on the and domains, and gave a date of 13 Nov 08 by which I expected to be removed from their mailing lists.
  • On 18 Nov 08, I again received email from the domain (specifically, tom@…).

I can only conclude that the properties condone spamming, as their affiliates clearly do. Thus, I have blacklisted both the and the domains, bringing the total number of sites on the blacklist to sixteen.