Duplicate Poker is a Blast!

I’ve mentioned Duplicate Poker on my blog in the past, but I’ve been playing this more and more in the past week. I am telling you, it is a blast to play. Put simply, you try to get more chips than the players at other tables in your same seat who are getting the same cards and same boards as you!

Duplicate Poker involves play of Pot Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em under the general rules governing that game with four exceptions.

  • First, there are always two or more tables of players, with the same number of players seated at each table.
  • Second, an identically shuffled deck of cards is used at each table for each hand played so that players in the same seat position at each table receive the same hole cards and the common cards are the same at each table.
  • Third, every player begins each hand with the same number of playing chips, regardless of how he/she may have done in any previous hand.
  • Fourth, the winner of each hand is determined based on the number of chips he or she has at the end of the game as compared with those held by all players in the same seat at the other tables.

Determining winners by comparing the results achieved by the players playing identical hands eliminates the luck of the draw element normally associated with poker so that skill is what determines who wins, not whether you got good cards or bad cards. Every hand can win if it is well played.

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